History of the Bible Translation for the Banjar language

1990s First cross-cultural workers arrive in Banjarmasin.

2002-2005 Bible translation team for the Banjar language is established.

2002-2005 The Jesus Film in the Banjar language is translated, checked and approved by a Bible translation consultant and audio-recorded.

2006 Final editing for the Banjar language Jesus Film.

2007 Distribution begins for the Banjar language Jesus Film. Three radio stations in Kalimantan agree to broadcast the radio version from their radio station. Mosque leaders agree to have the Jesus Film shown on the wall of their mosque. Muslim villages agree to allow the showing of the Jesus Film. But unfortunately some film team volunteers had their lives threatened by extremists. So CRU decided to not show the Banjar language Jesus Film anymore in public locations in Kalimantan.

2009 Portions of the Gospel of Luke are published. This is the first time in history any portion of the Bible was published in the Banjar language.

2009 The Bible translators experience visa problems and are unable to enter the host country for almost seven years.

2016 Bible translation project resumes.

2017 Twenty three oral Bible stories in the Banjar language are checked and approved by a Bible translation consultant.

2018 A Bible translation consultant approves the books of Jonah and Ruth, Genesis (1-22), Psalm 1, additional portions of Luke, and three Banjar language scripture videos.

2019 Three Bible apps are produced in the Banjar language. One app contains the written version of scripture portions along with the audio and video segments. Two other apps are oral Bible stories in the Banjar language. Also available is one secular app in Banjar containing helpful advice on practical living.

2019 Bible translation team finds a team of local Indonesian evangelists to partner with.  This team of local Indonesian evangelists agree to use these Bible apps in their ministry.

2019 Church planting training using Banjar Bible apps begins.

2019 The following scripture videos in Banjar are now available:

Psalm 1:


The entire book of Ruth:


The parable of the two foundations (Luke 6:46-49):


The parable of the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10)


Gadarene demoniac (Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:6-39)


The death of Jesus through the eyes of Barabas (Mat. 27:20-21):


The Jesus Film in Banjar:


2019 Thirty-five oral Bible stories in Banjar are approved by the Bible translation consultant.

2019 The team reads Wind in the House of Islam by David Garrison, PhD. Garrison researched movements among unreached people groups and his research reveals that there has never been a movement among an unreached people group unless it was preceded by focused and sustained prayer for that people group. In light of that, a program of daily prayer for the Banjar is established. To become a daily prayer partner, visit this site: Pray4TheBanjar.com and then click the red button to subscribe and pray.